Kolcraft Cares for K.I.D.S. Week: Corporate Philanthropy at its Finest

Kolcraft employees with the official "Kolcraft Corn Hole"

Kolcraft employees with the official “Kolcraft Corn Hole”


At the end of March, Kolcraft held its second annual Kolcraft Cares for KIDS week-long event, where employees were encouraged to partake in bake sales, auctions, and games to raise funds for K.I.D.S.Kolcraft

Kolcraft employees took part in this fundraiser by purchasing the Kolcraft cookbook, playing with paper airplanes, hockey, and even corn hole.  They really thought outside the box by holding an auction and mini garage sales within their cubicles, which they titled, “Treasure Sale”.  The employees also took the time to make delectable cupcakes, a “cash cake”, burritos, and much more!

Together, Kolcraft employees were able to raise close to $2,600!  But their gift did not stop there. Kolcraft agreed to match that amount, raising just under $5,200!

We would like to thank Thomas Kulton, President of Kolcraft, and a K.I.D.S. Board Member, for being part of an exemplary Employee Giving company, and for being committed to giving back to those less fortunate. It is clear that his generous spirit has been contagious throughout the Kolcraft offices.

We think it’s great that companies are willing to match employee’s donations, and we know firsthand the impact that matching contributions make!  That is why K.I.D.S. matches every contribution at 10:1 rate, which means that we will be able to distribute almost $52,000 worth of new merchandise to children in need through Kolcraft’s for KIDS event!

If you are an employee or company that is interested in conducting a similar initiative, or are just interested in K.I.D.S.’ Employee Giving Program, please contact Sabrina Echegaray at sechegaray@kidsdonations.org for more information.

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