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Back To School: Student Ambassadors

It's time to start thinking out of the college box and start looking to a new generation of Student Ambassadors who can motivate and excite classmates about holding a fundraiser or product drive, or even get involved with a great school-year long project that they can propose to their teachers as part of the classroom curriculum.

We're always on the look-out for Campus Ambassadors like Marcella Arjmand, who attends the Barry School of Law in Orlando, Florida. A true embodiment of the spirit of K.I.D.S. (one of her favorite sayings on her Pinterest page is "Always Be Kinder Than Necessary") she raised nearly $1,000 to help us in our quest to help others in late spring.

But now, with so many students looking to fulfill philanthropic obligations in order to apply for college,there's a huge, untapped group that should be offered the opportunity to give back and shine. Middle, junior and high school students often have more time to dedicate to a project, and often lots of support from parents and teachers to help them achieve their goals. What sets K.I.D.S. apart from other organizations for these potential "everyday heroes?" The variety of causes we support. From homelessness and poverty to literacy and aiding military families - K.I.D.S. can offer potential Student Ambassadors plenty of choices.

Over the summer months, while the kids are still enjoying their time off, we'll be working on making the "Ambassador" areas on our site more appealing and easier to navigate for students of all ages just in time for their first month back. It should be a great school year!