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Our Homes Away from Home - Clothes4K.I.D.S.

As poverty, natural disasters, and other hardships befall citizens across the country, K.I.D.S. expands its inroads into local communities more than ever. In addition to our national "Clothes4K.I.D.S." Campaign, we are establishing affiliated locations in our regional partner centers (RPC). These have been described before in previous newsletters. With new features added to the regional center model and additional activities taking place between them and K.I.D.S. we hope to:

  • create a better inventory management system for donated goods;
  • lower transportation costs;
  • meet the needs of product donors wishing to make larger donations;
  • raise awareness of the K.I.D.S. brand to local agencies;
  • provide more product to RPCs and their local partner agencies;
  • help K.I.D.S. tap into a larger non-profit network to distribute donated goods where they can be best utilized and
  • conduct joint fundraising opportunities with our RPCs.

Should you want additional information about this new initiative, please contact Chris Blake at 212-279-5493 or