The idea behind K.I.D.S. is simple. One caring response to one child in crisis of poverty, with a donation of one new piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, a toy or book of their own. It’s about one gift, to one child at a time that builds hope, self-esteem and an opportunity to succeed. Now multiply that by hundreds of thousands… even millions… and you can see how you can help us make a difference in the lives of children dealing with poverty everyday.

It Starts with One… and Reaches Millions

Helping Children and Families Living in Poverty, Seriously Ill Children, and Victims of Natural Disasters

In 2010, K.I.D.S. reached 4.7 million children in need – 30% of the kids living in poverty in the United States. Our goal is to reach 50% of the children living in poverty by 2015. With your help, we can provide essential products to children who are homeless, suffering from low literacy, victims of domestic abuse, have a parent in the military or have an incarcerated parent. Your support also helps us provide hope, along with a new toy or book, to a child suffering from serious illness, and new clothing, shoes, baby supplies and more to victims of natural disasters.

Homeless Children and Families

When a parent loses a job, a rent payment is missed, or medical bills ravage an already tenuous family budget, hundreds of thousands of families face living in homeless shelters, often far from friends and support. The donation of new products fills a critical need and helps homeless shelters direct limited resources to other services they provide. New clothes, brand name sneakers, a warm coat and school supplies mean children can resume their schooling with pride and self-esteem.

Children Challenged by Low Literacy

By targeting our donations of books and learning products to after-school tutoring programs, or to communities such as Native American reservations, we give new, age-appropriate books to children, many of whom have never owned their own books. They can now share their joy of reading at home with their family and build their reading skills for the future.

Victims of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse touches entire families, who are uprooted from their homes to family shelters, away from friends, schools and things familiar and reassuring. Through our social service agency affiliates we serve tens of thousands of children in family shelters who receive warm clothes, shoes, toys and personal care products. This important work of providing new clothing and school supplies helps restore a child’s sense of safety and routine.

Children of Incarcerated Parents and Imprisoned Youth

Imagine the sense of caring and connection a young child feels when being read to by a parent; especially when that parent is in prison where the child may only see them once a week. Since 2006, we’ve helped connect families through prison book and gift donation programs, as well as supplying clothes and books to young adults awaiting court appearances.

Children Suffering from Serious Illness

K.I.D.S. helps children in hospitals, hospices or special rehabilitation centers with new products that provide relief and a welcome distraction from their illness. New books, games or toys give them an opportunity to interact with their peers and spend playful time with their families.

Military Families

K.I.D.S. provides infant and juvenile items to children and parents through our collaboration with Operation Homefront and other military support organizations. Our donations of cribs, diapers, baby bottles, care seats, etc., help these families stretch their limited resources and budgets while their loved ones fight overseas for our freedom.


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Since 1985, K.I.D.S has provided
1 BILLION DOLLARS to help nearly 70 million children.


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Product donations are critical for K.I.D.S to provide children affected by severe economic hardship and natural disaster.

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K.I.D.S. builds strong partnerships that allow your donations to go farther. For every $1 donated, K.I.D.S. provides $10 of BRAND NEW product to kids and families in need.

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